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Why Barcelos?

At Barcelos, we offer each of the above and walk with you step-by-step, starting with the first step of your journey. Firstly, you must decide on the following:
  • Can you obtain the necessary finances?
  • Are you a service orientated individual who believes in a pro-active approach?
  • Are you energetic and willing to work hard?
  • Can you work well with most types of people and have excellent interpersonal skills?
If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, then decide which area or town you would like to locate your franchise. Then call us to arrange an interview at the Barcelos Head Office. We will then approve the outlet and assist in negotiations. Upon receiving a portion of your payment, we will sign the contract; give the designs of the building, for which after that, you are responsible for the building, plumbing and electrical. Eight weeks before you open, you pay 60 % of setup costs after which the shop fitting is done and the equipment is installed. You need to complete 2-weeks of training before you may open for business. You pay the final amount at this time. We will give you on-site support for the first ten days. Our field managers provide ongoing support. This brief is only very basic information about setting up a Barcelos franchise. It will be best, after answering ‘yes’ to above two questions, to contact us for further discussions.